Monday, December 03, 2012

Wilson's Promontory - Australia

The Place: Liz and I spent a weekend camping at Tidal River, on Wilsons Prom, which is the southernmost point of Aus, along with Kate, Leigh and friends.
Some features: There were quite a few surfers on the trip so it was great to head out for three epic surf sessions on what I would call pretty big waves (compared with Muizenberg which is my modest benchmark as a novice). The campsite was in an awesome location, and we were well set up Aussie style with a big tarp for shelter from rain, portable gas cookers and big eskies to keep the beers cool. To be noted as well were that at least 3 of our party owned campervans, equipped with bed and abundant storage space for tools and surfboards. In the early eve, we would see one of the resident wombats patrolling the grounds for food. They were really cool to see, like little bears strolling around with their really big, hard backsides which they apparently stick out at the entrance of their burrows as protection from intruders. Another friendly visitor to the campsite was the crimson rosella which perched on my hand to have a little snack.