Sunday, February 04, 2007

London - England

The Place: With easy access to Europe and a strong currency to make other countries affordable, London for me represents the centre of the traveller's world. Now in my third year of living and working here, there are a number of highlights that make London an amazing city.
Some features: My favourite sights on the river Thames are without a doubt St. Pauls Cathedral (2nd from top), Parliament buildings, and the tower bridge. What's great is that a stroll down the South Bank presents the opportunity to see all of these sights within walking distance from one another.
London is great for its art museums (Tate Modern and the Dali musem being my favourite) as well as its Theatres and Productions. Enjoyed 'Rocky Horror Show' in Wimbledon, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (performing Carmina Burana) at the Royal Albert Hall, and rhythm spectacular 'Stomp' on West End.
The parks are incredible in summer, especially since the sun goes down after 9 during that time, which enables a few hours after a full working day to still enjoy sunshine (though admittedly these days are few and far between). Went to the Hyde Park Calling Fesitival to watch Aerosmith, O2 Wireless Fesitival with my capoeira group to do some demos.
Modern London is also crazy. Canary Wharf (bottom), where I'm currently working, is like a glass antfarm with trails of suits scurrying in and amongst the skyscrapers.
Strange observation: The amount of nationalities in London. I stayed in a houseshare with 2 Poles, an Italian, Columbian, New Zealander, and Ghanian Londoner!