Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Transkei - South Africa

The Place: On the wild coast, 3 hours from East London, including a 2 hour journey over muddy roads through the rolling green hills of Transkei, stopping for cattle or to hoot ‘hello’ to the locals we reached the Wavecrest resort.
The event: The marriage of Shaun and Leigh.
Some features: The resort’s sundeck with swimming pool and jacuzzi overlooks lagoon, beach and dunes, cows and horses roaming freely around the resort.
Highlights: Cricket on the beach on ‘the oval’ (a patch of beach between lagoon and sea), swimming in the lagoon and sea, afternoon booze cruise along the estuary.
18 March the sun, earth and moon aligned to call an enormous tide which in a day covered the entire beach. With the oval submerged and no beach we were left to wonder in awe at the enormous waves and the visibly powerful tide pushing into the estuary in sets of waves.
The weather cleared long enough for a great wedding (which was held indoors just to be safe), and to top it off a rainbow appeared outside the glass sliding doors as the vows were being told.
The wedding included djembe drums, African chorus, piƱata smashing, drinking from the quafe (not sure of spelling), poi, and lots of dancing!