Wednesday, July 15, 2009

South Downs Cycle - England

The event: Together with 6 work colleagues set out on a 100 mile+ cycle along the South Downs from Winchester to Eastborne with the aim of completing in 3 days, camping along the way.
Some features: The first day was a gruelling 40 miles, taking us 12 and a half hours of cycling in the rain up and down steep hills. We arrived at our campsite in the dark at 10:30 in the evening to set up our tents in a downpour with a total of 7 punctures and 2 broken chains.
The severe conditions saw 3 of our team pack it in and go home. Luckily the rest of us had awesome weather for day 2 (35 miles) and day 3 (28 miles), which enabled us to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the South Downs. The days were very challenging and we managed another puncture and 2 broken chains but we were in fantastic spirits as we approached Eastbourne.
The highlight: Arriving in Eastbourne we descended the most amazing downhill. Green velvety grass from heaven paved the way for about ten minutes of downward flight. Awesome.