Saturday, May 29, 2010

Paris - France

The event: Attended the 16th International Energy Accounting Forum in Paris along with a few colleagues.
Some features: Took some time out to rent a bike and cycle along the Sienne passed a few of the sights including Notre Dame. Enjoyed some fine dining at Le Fines Gueules on rue Croix-des-Petit-Champs near the Louvre. Before returning to London, stopped off to see the Moulin Rouge before enjoying a beer at Sacre Coeur.

Fishing in Horsley - England

The Place: Spent a weekend in Horsley, not far out of London for a weekend of camping, braaiing, fishing and snacking.
Some features: Caught 16 fish on the Sat and ate 16 packets of crisps between us. Liz and I tried out our new tent while Karen and Jamie camped in Reggie, their bright and shiny red VW campervan. Jamie's knowhow had a lot to do with the rate we pulled in the fish - all carp, which we threw back in the lake after catching.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Taghazout - Morocco

The Place: Just outside the town of Agadir, Taghazout sits on the coast between some cool surf spots. We stayed 6 days at 'Surf Maroc' villa where we met other travellers, some surfers, some first timers, and some just there to soak up the sun and the good vibes!
Some features: Started with some nice clean and easy surfing at 'Panoramas' close by, a popular beach for soccer, surfing and camel rides. Stronger waves the next day at 'Onze', next to a local surf competition taking place on the adjacent beach. 3rd day (excl. 1st day travelling in), a long beautiful beach drive out to 'Tamri' then 'Boilers', known for its big reef break, where we watched the some of the surfing but didnt attempt to brave it, then back to Panoramas for the afternoon. Last day before heading back went out to some great waves at La Dalle, where we surfed, chilled out on the beach, surfed some more, then stayed till the tide came up and forced us to move - so back to the villa and Panoramas for a last surf. Great food daily at surf maroc, cooked each day by a local chef, and one night ordered some good food topped off with mint tea. Experienced the town closing on friday at lunch for noon prayers, where loud speakers bellowed out from the local mosque for all to hear.