Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stonehenge - England

The Place: Stopped in Salisbury to visit this world heritage site dating back over 5000 years.
Some features: Built in phases spanning over a thousand years and ending around 1600BC, the monument contains many mysteries. The massive rocks or Sarsens were carried over from Wales over water and land and it is estimated that it would have taken more than 500 men to pull a stone using ropes and sledges as it is believed they did. It is thought that Stonehenge was used mainly for religious reasons with the sun and moon being it's main focus. A heal stone similar in size to the Sarsen stones lies separate from the main circles and when the sun rises it directs the rays between different pillars during different months acting as a calender. Dotted around the shrine are a few mounds or barrows which were communal burial sights where some people were buried together with some of their possessions including pottery, and sometimes even a beloved horse or dog.

The New Forest - England

The Place: Spent a Christmas with family in the New Forest in South East England.
Some features: Many ponies! Together with cows they have free reign of the quaint streets of Burley. A fifteen minute trip takes you to a coastline of pebbles. Looking towards the needles of the Isle of Wight, you can watch the sun set across the Solent. A walk to Boldrewood offers an opportunity to spot the wild deer of the forest.