Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plymouth - England

The Place: Headed down to Plymouth, in South Devon to take part in the Endurancelife festival, for a weekend of running, cycling and swimming events. It took place on the Flete Estate, the only privately owned estuary in the UK, which has been used for its beautiful scenery in movies including Sense and Sensibility.
The races: On Saturday, Liz had a great run in the final of the Coastal Trail series, where she was the 5th female finishing, coming 26th overall in the 10k trail run. That night we listened to a few talks held by adventurers who have taken part in major expeditions such as running the great wall of China, rowing around the circumference of the UK, running the mountains of the UK spanning the length of the country, and other inspirational talks. On the Sunday I took part in a mile swim along the estuary followed by a 1 hour cyclo cross, which was a gruelling moutain bike trail up muddy hills, through thick bogs and across the beach sand of the estuary(see 5th pic - I'm in front). I managed to come 3rd (out of 8 doing the 1 hr course). I think the hardcore bikers all chose the 2hr, and 4hr courses though!