Friday, April 13, 2007

Paris - France

The Place: After getting my Schengen visa a day before departure (phew), I took the Eurostar under the English channel to arrive in Paris. Together with Ilse, Gordon and Lea we had an amazing easter weekend.
Highlights: Visited Rodin Museum to see his works including the famous ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Kiss’.
Partied locally (near the hostel) in a jungle-house-acid-sort of-drum-bass little club till 3 in the morning.
Breakfast at the Sacré Cœur which was my favourite – a white 3 domed church looming on top of a steep green hill. If you’ve watched Amelie this is where she leads the weird id photo collector guy to return his briefcase.
Eiffel where we made a day of it chilling on the grass, watching some capoeira under the tower, waiting in queues and walking up. Great views of Paris from the top!
Found a salsa club in the latin quarter and watched some interesting moves between some weird couples – a good laugh.
Took a trip on the Seinne past major landmarks including the gargoyle-guarded Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Eiffel, and other impressive bridges and architecture.
Had supper at a greek restaurant (Les Argonauts) in Paris’ latin quarter – very vibey, lots ofs fun. The greek waiters/dancers picked up Lea and Ilse and made them dance on the tables!
Went out afterwards and danced the night away in a club next to the Moulin Rouge.
Our last morning took a trip to see the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees. Had some crepes at a sunny sidewalk café.
Last but not least went to take a peek at the Mona Lisa and wander in awe amongst the Louvre art galleries.
Strange observation: French waiters have to be in control of everything otherwise you get some serious attitude! Walk up to ask for the bill ‘L’appetite s'il vous plaît’ before they’re ready and they may simply command you to ‘Sit!’.